BIENVENIDO A Interjet Virtual

Welcome to Interjet Virtual !

This Virtual Airline is meant to simulate the real Interjet in a virtual matter.

What makes this airline different from all other virtual airlines ?
1. An airline meant for people who do their flightsim hobby as real as it gets.
2. Membership is always free.
3. Flightsim is a hobby, not an no monthly mandatory flights. You fly when you want...
4. Ranking system like no other virtual airline has.

So feel free to fill in the registration form or contact us :)


Pilotos 6
Aeronaves en flota 69
Rutas 808
Horas totales: 3.51
Vuelos totales 4
Vuelos Regular 4
Vuelos Charter 0
% Vuelos Regular 100.00 %


IndicativoPilotoOrigenDestinoFechaTiempo de vuelo
AIJ005Adan Cortes  MMZC  MMMX 2019-03-09 0.84
AIJ005Adan Cortes  MMMX  MMZC 2019-02-28 0.90
AIJ005Adan Cortes  MMZC  MMMX 2019-02-18 0.85
AIJ005Adan Cortes  MMMX  MMZC 2019-02-12 0.92






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